Katie G. Bates

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Legacy Loves Conspiracies

This week Kate talks Conspiracy spoilers and what they mean for Legacy.

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Kaya Kontrol

This week Kate brews with Kaya

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Other Views From Here or There

This week Kate discusses women in Legacy as compared to Modern, Standard and Draft. We also get a peek at a selfie of the strongest Women in Magic to Date.

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Travel Tips

This week Kate talks about the practical aspects of tournament travel.

Card Kingdom

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Magic is Hard

This week Kate shares the importance of learning from your hard days at Magic.

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Buyout Blues

Kate addresses the buyouts that have been plaguing the MTG community.

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Eldrich Favorites

Kate shares her favorite eternal spoilers from Eldritch Moon!

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FNM Habits

This week Kate shares her observations from running FNM.

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Learn How to Shuffle

This week Kate discusses one of the core elements of Magic: the shuffle.

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On Banning Top, Part 2

This week Kate revisits her first article from a year ago. Should Wizards ban Sensei’s Divining Top in Legacy?

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Eternal Masters Realizations

This week Kate talks about how she feels about Eternal Masters now that spoilers are out.