Katie G. Bates

Senior Contributor


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Eldrazi in Legacy

This week Kate reviews a new Mud Eldrazi deck she’s been running in Legacy.

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Time for Bans

This week Kate discusses her frustration with how Wizards handles bans.

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Real Life

This week Kate reflects on life and why she was absent last week.

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Oath of The Gatewatch Favorites

This week Kate reviews some of her favorite Oath cards for Eternal!

Card Kingdom

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DC Disappointments

Kate reflects on diversity of representation in Marvel vs. DC comics.

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Dominating the Metagame

This week Kate reacts to the ban announcements and reflects on strategies that dominate the metagame of Modern and of Legacy.

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Super Ego

This week Kate discusses the importance of keeping your ego in check.

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Breaking Back In

This week Kate talks about the impact of taking a short break from making time for Magic.

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The Other Red Meat

This week Kate talks about an Eternal format that is affordable.

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Ghosts of Christmas Past

Kate shares her powerful story from earlier this year—The View from Here.

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Your Fifth Flooded Strand Gift

Kate shares gift request advice for the muggles in your life.