Katie G. Bates

Senior Contributor


Hope Eternal

Miracles and You

This week Kate tells you how to play against her least favorite deck, Miracles.

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Griselbrand or Bust

This week Kate reviews an old Legacy favorite starring Griselbrand!

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A Dark Time Indeed

This week Kate discusses her concerns with the recent Presidential election outcome and what that means for us as a community.

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This week Kate discusses the blurred lines between Magic businesses and their voices in the community.

Card Kingdom

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Unsportsmanlike Conduct

This week Kate discusses unsportsmanlike conduct and a pretty poor representation of how a pro-player should present themselves.

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Eternal Standard

This week Kate discusses why Standard might be a good option for Eternal players.

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Post Shadows Update

Kate updates her Legacy Mono-Green Post deck, post Shadows block. Do you want to make your opponents Force of Will their own spells? You better read this post haste!

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No Changes

This week Kate talks about the lack of changes in the Banned and Restricted list for Legacy.

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Legacy Dredge

Kate breaks down the two versions of Legacy Dredge, and how to play against them.

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Derailed Hype

This week Kate discusses the exhaustion of spoiler summer, and how she wishes there was less hype.

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In The Zone

This week Kate discusses attitude and treating opponents with respect.