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Legacy Hero

Streaming Prep

Kate gets ready to stream weekly for Legacy Hero! Now we just need to know when you, the viewer, would like to watch.

Hope Eternal

Something Missing from Eternal Extravaganza

Did you hear about Eternal Extravaganza 6 last weekend? Most of us didn’t, and that’s too bad.

Hope Eternal

A Dark Time Indeed

This week Kate discusses her concerns with the recent Presidential election outcome and what that means for us as a community.

Hope Eternal

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

This week Kate discusses unsportsmanlike conduct and a pretty poor representation of how a pro-player should present themselves.

Card Kingdom

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Brew Corner

Legacy Mud Reservoir

This week we bring you a bonus brew by Aaron just in time for release weekend, Legacy Mud Reservoir as requested by fellow Hipsters writer and fiance Kate Donnelly.

Hope Eternal

Derailed Hype

This week Kate discusses the exhaustion of spoiler summer, and how she wishes there was less hype.

Hope Eternal

Other Views From Here or There

This week Kate discusses women in Legacy as compared to Modern, Standard and Draft. We also get a peek at a selfie of the strongest Women in Magic to Date.

Hope Eternal

Walker Texas Ranger

This week Kate talks about the new toys that she gets to play with in Legacy. Behold, Walker Texas Ranger.

Hope Eternal

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

This week Kate reflects on some of her old favorites and eternally hopes they find some love from the community.

Hope Eternal

Magical Christmas Land

Conley Woods coined the term Magical Christmas Land to refer to a deck he was playing that could do something […]

Hope Eternal

I Beat Tajic

This is a prerelease story. I signed up for Golgari going into it. This was half preference and half strategy: […]