This week Conspiracy 2 spoilers have started to drop and one of these spoilers has been extremely exciting for us legacy players: Recruiter of the Guard. In case you missed it, the card is a white version of Imperial Recruiter that fetches based on toughness instead of power. It’s already sold out most pre-sales and has been going for around twenty bucks. It has caused Aluren to spike (again) and is also currently sitting at about twenty bucks as well.

Death and taxes players are having an absolute field day considering it fetches a vast majority of their deck. People are talking about playing Aluren again, thus the aforementioned spike. Honestly any creature deck already running white will probably want to play Recruiter. It fetches so many of the best Legacy creature including Flickerwisp (which it combos with), Stoneforge Mystic, True-Name Nemesis, Vendilion Clique, Snapcaster Mage, Thalia (both new and old) and more. The card is big news on so many levels for all players. I definitely expect it to see it change the format for a variety of reasons but I mainly expect to see a huge surge in Death and Taxes.

This isn’t the only card they’ve given us in this set. We get another great bear for Death in Taxes in the form of Sanctum Prelate which lets Death and Taxes go absolutely nutty (as if they need any more love from Wizards).  Plus they reprinted Burning Wish and Inquisition of Kozilek, and I’m only writing this on Wednesday! I’m so hyped to see what shows up during the next few days.  It looks like Brago was sacrificed to bring us good Legacy staples.

The printing of Recruiter of the Guard says something much more important to me though than just oh hey cool card. It reinforces my belief that Wizards is listening to Legacy players. Earlier this summer they gave us Eternal Masters with some quality reprints—not everything we asked for but at the end of the day we couldn’t really complain. A lot of people were disappointed we didn’t get an Imperial Recruiter reprint but apparently Wizards anticipated that knowing just a couple months later they would be giving us this card. They’re even including us in the giant GP Vegas they’re having next summer with two whole days dedicated to Legacy. It reinforces to me that what we’ve been saying hasn’t been in vain, that we need to keep asking Wizards for the things we think we need to keep Legacy successful because they do hear us.

I’m writing this on Wednesday so the whole set hasn’t been spoiled yet but Conspiracy always brings us Legacy players good things. I’m hoping this isn’t all we get but I don’t think any of us are in a position to complain, well unless you hate Death and Taxes (I’m looking at you Jerry), in which case I can only say prepare yourself.

Kate hails from Worcester MA and also does a bit of Card Altering. Check her Stuff out on Facebook! She mainly plays legacy and modern though will occasionally find herself playing EDH. 

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