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Eternal Durdles

It’s a Conspiracy!

Zac Clark and Nathan Golia remind you, sometimes it’s better to just buy the cards you want.

Hope Eternal

Aluren Overlords

This week Kate talks about the incoming of Aluren and how the deck works.

Command of Etiquette

Grouped Innovations

Jess talks about how Conspiracy 2 fits into Wizards’s attempts to expand their offerings for the casual crowd.

What We Learned

Introducing the 10 White Men who Designed and Developed Conspiracy: Take the Crown

Rich takes a look at the design and development teams for Conspiracy: Take the Crown and notices a very disturbing lack of diversity

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Hope Eternal

Legacy Loves Conspiracies

This week Kate talks Conspiracy spoilers and what they mean for Legacy.

Drawing Live

An Eternal Future

Eternal Masters is coming this summer! What does this mean for card prices, Legacy, Modern, and Conspiracy? We have the lowdown for you.

Command of Etiquette

Conspiracy in the Pauper Cube

Jess talks Conspiracy updates in her Pauper cube, and explain why there’s lag in this feature.

Command of Etiquette

The Game’s Afoot!

Jess talks about some of the MTG Conspiracy drafts in which she has taken part.

Drawing Live

Conspiring a Win

Zach’s back with even more Conspiracy strategy, and this time he even won!

Ensnaring Cambridge

Collaborating and Conspiring

Shawn shares his experiences drafting Conspiracy with quite the interesting crew of people.

Command of Etiquette

Whispers of a Conspiracy

Jess played in a Conspiracy draft, and you wouldn’t believe the lucky strategy she got to draft!