Katie G. Bates

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Hope Eternal

Ghosts of Christmas Past

Kate shares her powerful story from earlier this year—The View from Here.

Hope Eternal

Your Fifth Flooded Strand Gift

Kate shares gift request advice for the muggles in your life.

Hope Eternal

Moving From Standard to Modern

This week Kate shows you how to turn your Eldrazi Ramp Standard deck into a R/G Tron Modern deck, helping justify the insane cost of Standard.

Hope Eternal

Hope Eternal – Infect, Legacy Edition

This week Kate talks about Legacy Infect.

Card Kingdom

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Hope Eternal

No Reserved List or Lets Kill Legacy

Kate responds to Saffron Olive’s suggestion that banning the entire Reserved List is the way to revitalize Legacy

Hope Eternal

Mudpost Musings

This week Kate talks about a fun new variant of Mudpost that she’s been testing.

Hope Eternal

Shadows Of Excitement

This week Kate review’s what we know about the original Innistrad block to discuss what she thinks will happen in Shadows Over Innistrad.

Hope Eternal


This week Kate discusses playing Modern Infect.

Hope Eternal

Hope Eternal – Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

This week Kate discuss the changes she has been making to her Magic routine and habits.

Hope Eternal

The View From Here

This week Kate opens up about her experiences as a female player

Hope Eternal

Hope Eternal – Why I Love Modern

This week Kate follows up on last weeks article to discuss reasons why she loves Modern.