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Nova's Playbook

Team Nova’s Deck Lists for SCG Richmond This Weekend

SCG Richmond is Team Constructed and Team Nova has some sweet Standard, Pioneer, and Modern deck lists.

Nova's Playbook

Don’t Play These Legacy Decks at SCG Philadelphia

Some decks to avoid in the Legacy seat at SCG Philadelphia.

Nova's Playbook

Standard Fare for Richmond

Harlan offers some deck suggestions for Week One Standard and SCG Richmond.

Nova's Playbook

Adapting Amulet Titan

It’s Prime Time!

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Nova's Playbook

Team Nova’s Decklists for SCG Regionals

Team Nova runs down their deck choices for SCG Regionals.

Grinding It Out

Delver Returns to Legacy

Insects all over the Top 8 at SCG Syracuse.

Hipsters Presents

A Spirited and Snowy SCG Invitational

Going 7-1 in Modern with Bant Spirits at the Star City Games Invitational.


SCG Ends Its Daily MTG News Show, Split Second

Jeremy Noell announced its cancellation on Monday, July 9th.

Hope Eternal

Travel Tips

This week Kate talks about the practical aspects of tournament travel.

Modern Institute of Technology

Week Two, Post B&R

Shawn discusses the results from last weekend’s SCG Modern Classic.

Modern Institute of Technology

Two Weeks of SCG Opens

Shawn discusses the Modern metagame using data from the last two SCG opens.