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Hope Eternal

Hope Eternal – Full of Flavor

This week Kate reviews flavor text

Hope Eternal

Hope Eternal – Scrubbing Productively

You don’t have to win to make a tournament day productive

Hope Eternal

Hope Eternal – Knowledge is Power

This week Kate explores what is most important when it comes to deciding on what deck to play at a tournament.

Hope Eternal

Hope Eternal – All Aboard the Hype Train

This week Kate discusses her excitement around some of the new BFZ spoilers.

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Hope Eternal

Hope Eternal – Jund for the Summer

This week Kate talks about her love for Jund in Modern.

Hope Eternal

Hope Eternal – The Color of Post

This week Kate explores the different variants of Post.

Hope Eternal

Hope Eternal – All I’m Asking For

This week Kate explores how new players (and those assumed to be new players) are treated.

Hope Eternal

The Art of Altering

Kate reviews the work that goes into altering Magic Cards

Hope Eternal

It’s a Tron Life for Me

This week Kate takes Mono-Green Tron for a spin and reports back with the results


Hope Eternal—Adventures in Blue

Last week I wrote about Mudpost, my first legacy love. I started to look for a new deck several months […]

Hope Eternal

Mudpost State of Mind

Kate dives into the different lines of play for one of her favorite legacy decks: Mudpost