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The Raft of the Medusa

Donny looks at the world of a 19th century painting referenced in a common from Lost Caverns of Ixalan.

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The Lost Caverns of Ixalan Grand Art Tour

Donny takes us on a sprawling journey through the art of Lost Caverns of Ixalan, featuring Magic artists both new and established.

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Choosing Commander Art: Jor Kadeen, First Goldwarden

How do you pick the art for your card choices? Donny takes a deep dive on the options you could find with Jor Kadeen.

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Behind the Brush: Hari & Deepti

Donny takes a look behind the captivating full art basics from Wilds of Eldraine, to see the truth of their unique design.

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Angels: They’re Just Like Us but Cooler and with Wings

Angels, reprints, and a newcomer in paper. Donny takes a detailed look into the art of the newest Secret Lair Commander deck.

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Masterworks of Commander Masters

It’s a tall order, but Donny has examined the set and is here with the standout art pieces of Commander Masters.

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Arcane Signet: A Visual History

Donny looks back at the genesis of the Commander staple, and how the design has changed over the years.

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Tales of Middle-earth Grand Art Tour

Donny takes us there and back again, through some emblematic pieces which line the road in Tales of Middle-earth.

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Bake It Everyday

How far are you willing to go to hone your craft? Donny learns how it all starts with the pursuit of good focaccia bread.

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Secret Layers: Spring SuperDrop 2023

Donny takes us on a tour of the most recent Secret Lair drop, through the lens of the art and the artists behind them.

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March of the Machine Grand Art Tour

Donny has parsed through hundreds of new Magic art pieces to deliver us the standout works from March of the Machine.