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What We Learned

Goodbye GPT, Welcome Back Nationals and PTQs

This week we talk about the end of the GPT system, the return of the Sunday PTQ, and the incredibly exciting return of the National Championships.

None Shall Pass Bombs

The Clock and Online Metagames

Brendan built an online PTQ sealed deck that was too slow for the clock. The online metagame is plagued by this across formats.

None Shall Pass Bombs

I Love the PPTQ

Brendan tells you why he loves PPTQs and you should stop hating on them so much.

None Shall Pass Bombs

None Shall Past Bombs—Painful Truths

Brendan learned some painful truths in a recent online sealed PTQ.

Counting to 20

Now It’s On

GCB hitched his last hopes for Pro Tour Brussels to sealed deck on Magic Online. Find out what happened in his full report. (Spoiler: there is drafting at the end)

Counting to 20

The Last Slice

What does a grinder do when there are no more PTQs to travel to? For GCB, the answer is on the Internet, and its codename is Modo.


Environmental Factors in Magic

Hunter reflects on how environment affects his Magic gameplay—and checks in on his GP/PTQ win/loss record to see if he does better at premier events.

Papa Longo's Story Time

Papa Longo’s Storytime—PTQ’s, TDL, & Birthday Drafts

Papa plays his TDL match, competes in the Philly PTQ and eats a lot of cake at Chris Pikula’s birthday party.

Counting to 20

The New Grinder

GCB tries to drag his passion for the PTQ grind into the PPTQ future.

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A Rare Gift

A control player gives a peculiar gift the night before the big tournament.

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Counting to 20–Perpetual Student

GCB learns from his mistakes in 2014 and gets excited about Standard in 2015.

From the Sideboard

Kramer Control Wins a PTQ

Hugh Kramer won NYC’s final limited PTQ. Read how it all went down!