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Leveling Up

How to Prepare When Preparing

Zack walks through his approach to playtesting.


Practicing Dragons of Tarkir Sealed

Determined to be ready for his next Dragons of Tarkir sealed GP, Hunter practiced on MTGO last weekend. Find out how his smashy GW build performed!


Environmental Factors in Magic

Hunter reflects on how environment affects his Magic gameplay—and checks in on his GP/PTQ win/loss record to see if he does better at premier events.

Power and Toughness

Cruise or Lo… Er, #GPNash Prep

Matt misses Eternal Weekend and silver lining’s his team into a very valuable Grand Prix Nashville Team Sealed practice.

Card Kingdom

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Power and Toughness

Power & Toughness—More Grand Prix Philly Practice

Matt tries to play a sealed daily on MTGO and has some cash and prizes at the end.



Hunter goes to Switzerland, eats it on skis, and connects his experience to getting better at … Magic?



Lately Hunter has been feeling like a Rusted Relic without any artifact buddies.


Cracking the Team Sealed Code

Team sealed is no easy nut to crack. But over the past two weeks, my team has been meeting up to practice.