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The New Grinder

GCB tries to drag his passion for the PTQ grind into the PPTQ future.

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A Rare Gift

A control player gives a peculiar gift the night before the big tournament.

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Counting to 20–Perpetual Student

GCB learns from his mistakes in 2014 and gets excited about Standard in 2015.

From the Sideboard

Kramer Control Wins a PTQ

Hugh Kramer won NYC’s final limited PTQ. Read how it all went down!

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Grinding It Out

Your Guide to 2015 Season 1

We break down the details of the Pro Tour Qualifier schedule from December to February along with a few other major local events.

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Suspicious Khans Sealed Advice

@uncle_gcb challenges @ReidDuke to a grudge-match sealed-deck build-off on this week’s Counting to 20

None Shall Pass Bombs

I Won a PTQ!

Carrie won a Khans limited PTQ! Read all about it!


It Was a Very Tough Build

Hunter trekked to what might be his final old-style PTQ last weekend, and was faced with some tough power vs. consistency deckbuilding decisions.

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The Art of the Assist

Is Magic really a team game? GCB explains what an ‘assist’ means in the competitive Magic world.

Power and Toughness

Junk, Cascade, and Maria Lassnig

Matt walks through his week in Magic, his thoughts on Shardless BUG, and Maria Lassnig’s show at PS1.

Grinding It Out

Map of Every “Dewey” PTQ

This week we are happy to present a map of every PTQ for Pro Tour “Dewey”