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Drawing Live

2021 Mechanics in Review—Strixhaven

There’re Lessons to be Learned as examine the inner workings of Magecraft.

Drawing Live

Learning Lessons

Learning is awesome, both in life and in Strixhaven draft.

Magical Hack

Losing, Listening, and Learning

Some reflections on the iterative process of cube design.

Drawing Live

Teach Games Masterfully

Here’s what you need to know to teach anyone any game.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Leveling Up

The Ups and Downs of Magic Tournament Life

Zack tells some stories and shares some lessons about the grind.

Drawing Live

How to Succeed with Food Poisoning

Zach managed to go 5-1 on day 2 of GP Orlando with food poisoning and barely any sleep. Here’s how.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Origins Lessons from Dallas

Carrie shares three lessons about Magic Origins limited from her weekend at Grand Prix Dallas.


Beating Myself at Grand Prix Las Vegas

Hunter made a great run at Magic’s biggest tournament ever, but some mistakes kept him from Top 8 contention. How can he learn from them and do better next time?


Reinforcing Not Being ROTTY

Hunter makes the right play in a Fate Reforged draft, gets punished badly for it—and commits to make the same play next time.


Environmental Factors in Magic

Hunter reflects on how environment affects his Magic gameplay—and checks in on his GP/PTQ win/loss record to see if he does better at premier events.

Drawing Live

Kicking it down a Notch

Zach’s taken a break from Magic to play something he’s spectacularly bad at: Minecraft. Here’s what it’s like to be a newbie all over again.