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Command of Etiquette

Top Twenty Commander Cards of 2015, Part Two

Jess finishes up her top twenty Commander cards from 2015, and reminisces a bit along the way.

Command of Etiquette

Epic Rarity

Jess played an epic game of Commander, in which she exiled her library and survived.

Papa Longo's Story Time

Papa Longo’s Story Time—Season’s End

It’s the end of the Fate Reforged Draft Season and Papa Longo is on another Monkey Honeymoon.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Hidden Dragons

Carrie went to the prerelease, played zero dragons, and smashed face.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Power and Toughness

Sober Birthday Magic

Matt celebrates his sober birthday with some Limited Magic—and some sweet non-alcoholic drinks from a thoughtful TDL teammate, Dan OMS.

Counting to 20

Now It’s On

GCB hitched his last hopes for Pro Tour Brussels to sealed deck on Magic Online. Find out what happened in his full report. (Spoiler: there is drafting at the end)

None Shall Pass Bombs

Limited Time

Carrie is headed to Cleveland to play some Fate Reforged Sealed, but her mind’s on new Dragons.

Papa Longo's Story Time

Papa Longo’s Story Time—Lingering Tanimals

Papa Longo faces his long time rival in this week’s Team Draft League.

Counting to 20

The Last Slice

What does a grinder do when there are no more PTQs to travel to? For GCB, the answer is on the Internet, and its codename is Modo.

Counting to 20

Basic Lands are Retro

What might Antonino De Rosa’s exciting Dark Deal deck imply about this stale Standard format?

Command of Etiquette

The Jelly Conundrum

Jess shares her Tasigur, the Golden Fang Commander list, while bemoaning the utility of his ability.