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Cosplay of the Multiverse

Welcome to the Cosplay Stream

Magic cosplayers bring their art to their streams. Zenaide interviews Jana, Nessa, and Zab!

Vintage Super League

Introducing Vintage Super League Season 9!

Season 9 of Vintage Super League starts on January 15, and we will be reporting!

Kitchen Table Magic

Ian Dixon Wants You to Mod a Stream

Sam interviews Ian Dixon about stream chat moderation and building communities online.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Justice on Display

Carrie compares public justice on Pro Tour coverage and at the Supreme Court.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

From the Sideboard

Schvitzing and Schmoozing at GP Cleveland

Noted streamer Gabe aka The Doc travels to Cleveland for his first-ever GP, and goes on a sick run after a disappointing start!

From the Sideboard

MTGO Fate Reforged Preview Stream

Streamer and Friend of Hipsters Doc got invited by Wizards to play in last week’s Fate Reforged Preview Stream—and pulled a David on some pro Goliaths.


Stream of Life

Being sick and a police-blotter item from Arkansas have Hunter feeling ruminative about the impact of games on our lives.

Streamasaurus Rex

Tarmo Twin and Some Boglin’

Matt has Li Xu over for some Modern playtesting on MTGO. Hilarity ensues.