Cosplay of the Multiverse

School’s In Session for Silverquill—Interview with LadyLavinias

LadyLavinias walks through her process of creating her stunning Silverquill style.

Core Sets and Corsets

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms may not be a true Core Set, but you can still find corsets for cosplay!

Taking Time with Teferi

Zenaide speaks with the famous time-bending planeswalker himself!

Top 5 Cards to Cosplay from Kaldheim

Try your hand at an original cosplay from these Kaldheim legendary creatures.

Card Kingdom

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The Gathering of Magic E-Girls

Meet the e-girl planeswalkers of Magic social media , where you can join in the fun from home!

Meet the Twins of Maurer Estate

Meet the twins who bring tandem cosplay to life!

Hashtags: the Gathering

Social media hostility getting you down? Zenaide highlights her favorite happy hashtag trends from the Magic community!

Buggin’ Out for Zendikar Rising Preview Season

Building a closet cosplay to preview a new landfall creature from Zendikar Rising!

Cat Tribal with Jackal Costuming

Zenaide takes us through the intricacies of fursuits, with Matt & Gin from Jackal Costuming.

Welcome to the Cosplay Stream

Magic cosplayers bring their art to their streams. Zenaide interviews Jana, Nessa, and Zab!

Crossplay: the Gathering

Nothing’s off limits when Cosplaying your favorite character—nor should it be!