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Drawing Live

Exceeding Expectations (GP Cleveland), Part and Day 2

Day 2 of GP Cleveland was a crazy trip, and Zach’s here with the stories: the game loss, the cooperative victory, and more. Enjoy!

From the Sideboard

Schvitzing and Schmoozing at GP Cleveland

Noted streamer Gabe aka The Doc travels to Cleveland for his first-ever GP, and goes on a sick run after a disappointing start!


No Traction at GP Cleveland

Hunter fucked it all up at GP Cleveland last weekend—but he had fun anyway. Here’s his photo essay!

None Shall Pass Bombs

The Moment I Lost Grand Prix Cleveland

Carrie fumbled the go-ahead touchdown in Cleveland. Read about it and make fun of her here.

Card Kingdom

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None Shall Pass Bombs

Limited Time

Carrie is headed to Cleveland to play some Fate Reforged Sealed, but her mind’s on new Dragons.