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Dragons of Tarkir sealed

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Hugh’s GP AC Farticle *14th*

Limited master Hugh Kramer recounts his amazing run at Grand Prix Atlantic City, and analyzes what it takes to win with 40-card Dragons of Tarkir decks.


Never Say Concede at GP Atlantic City

Though things didn’t go quite how he wanted at last weekend’s Grand Prix, Hunter still felt like he made some deckbuilding strides.


Dragons of Tarkir Sealed PPTQ *Top 8*

Last weekend Hunter snuck into a PPTQ Top 8 on the back of a super-strong Gruul sealed deck. Find out how he did in draft!


Practicing Dragons of Tarkir Sealed

Determined to be ready for his next Dragons of Tarkir sealed GP, Hunter practiced on MTGO last weekend. Find out how his smashy GW build performed!