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Casual Black Magic

My Take on Blue Farm in cEDH

Sam takes a look at the most popular deck in cEDH, and analyzes how they might do things differently.

Casual Black Magic

The Seedborn Muse Question—How Good is Too Good in cEDH?

Seedborn Muse might be too powerful to be effective in cEDH decks. Why is that the case and what should you replace it with in your decks?

Casual Black Magic

Dargo, the Shipwrecker Jund vs Korvold, Fae-Cursed King in cEDH

Sacrificing permanents, combos, and a lack of blue. Sam looks at the merits of two similar Jund-based cEDH strategies.

Casual Black Magic

My first cEDH Tournament Win – Rograkh/Thrasios in Action

Sam brings a round-by-round recap of Rograkh/Thrasios collecting the overall win.

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Casual Black Magic

Rograkh, Son of Rohgahh—Thrasios, Triton Hero cEDH Primer

Sam looks at building a powerful cEDH deck with partner commanders in Temur, who have a combined mana value of only two.

Lowry Muses

The Power 9 of Commander

Lowry looks at the nine hallmark cards of the format, which make up the core identity of what we’re all doing.

Casual Black Magic

The One Ring is a Problem in Commander

Sam looks at the presence of The One Ring in the format, and what we can learn from it’s design for multiplayer.

Lowry Muses

A Re-Review: Anje Falkenrath

Lowry looks at their go-to cEDH deck, and theorizes how it might be retooled to work at casual tables.

Casual Black Magic

The Top 10 Cards I Would Ban for cEDH

Sam looks at ten notable cards not currently banned from Commander, and wonders if they too could get removed from the format.

Casual Black Magic

Tayam, Luminous Enigma in cEDH

Vigilance counters, infinite mana, and an Abzan legend from Ikoria. Sam takes a look at this explosive creature combo cEDH deck.

Casual Black Magic

Evaluating Game-Winning Threats in Commander

What makes a good win condition, and how do we evaluate them against each other? Sam is here to talk about the cards we use to win.