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Lowry Muses

Three Lost Caverns of Ixalan Cards I’m Excited for

Lowry has plenty to say about three standout cards from the newest iteration of Ixalan.

Lowry Muses

Minsc and Boo, an Alternative Look

Minsc and Boo made a splash in Legacy, but how about in Commander? Lowry is here to suggest some paths forward for the planeswalker.

Lowry Muses

Does cEDH Have a Bad Reputation?

Lowry takes a look at the vastly different ideas people have about Magic’s competitive multiplayer format.

Commander Corner

The Doctor Who Commander Review, Part 2

Luka is here for another run through new Commander cards in the Doctor Who expansion.

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Lowry Muses

Entering the Shadow: Yuriko

Know the feeling when you uncover a commander you never new existed? Lowry’s head is spinning with ideas for Yuriko.

Rally the Rankings

Picking The Best Horror-Themed Commander

Spirits, zombies, and more! Ryan takes a look at what the best commander choices are for creatures who go bump in the night.

Commander Corner

The Doctor Who Commander Review, Part 1

Luka takes a deep dive into the Doctor Who Commander cards; featuring Time Lords, Daleks, and plenty of Doctors to choose from.

Lowry Muses

Four Bad Cards Commander Players Keep Playing

Lowry takes a look at some common trap cards Commander players find themselves running, and why they should reconsider.

Rally the Rankings

Utility Lands in Commander

There are a bunch of different utility lands in Commander, so Ryan is here to suggest some you should be running.

Shattered Perceptions

I am Sand. And So Am I.

Ryan steps out into the dunes with an exciting deck based around the new design of Hazezon, Shaper of Sand.

Commander Corner

Ratings Recap: Wilds of Eldraine Edition

Luka looks back at their initial impressions on Wilds of Eldraine, and how things shook out in reality.