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Casual Black Magic

Goldberry, River-Daughter in Commander

Sam is here with an engaging take on removing counters in monoblue, thanks to the unique design space of Goldberry.

Lowry Muses

Why Do Planeswalkers Suck in Commander?

Magic’s main characters don’t have much of a home in the most popular way to play. Lowry is here to discuss why.

Casual Black Magic

The One Ring is a Problem in Commander

Sam looks at the presence of The One Ring in the format, and what we can learn from it’s design for multiplayer.

Lowry Muses

A Re-Review: Anje Falkenrath

Lowry looks at their go-to cEDH deck, and theorizes how it might be retooled to work at casual tables.

Card Kingdom

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Lowry Muses

Four Interaction Spells You Should Probably Be Playing in EDH

You should be running more interaction, and Lowry is here to discuss some notable contenders for your next deck.

Commander Corner

Commander Corner Highlight: Rankle and Torbran

Treasure tokens, sacrificing creatures, damage amplification, all on one card? Luka takes us on a tour through a dynamic build of this duo.

Commander Corner

Commander Corner Highlight: Rona, Herald of Invasion

Luka is here to talk about a potent new Dimir commander from March of the Machine, at the helm of a reanimator shell.

Lowry Muses

The Plight of Stone Rain

Lowry looks at land destruction in Commander, and how we might be able to better accept it in the format ecosystem.

Casual Black Magic

The Trap of Rational Deckbuilding in Commander

Sam analyzes some common deck building challenges in casual commander, since brewing isn’t as straightforward as it looks.

Commander Corner

Commander Corner Original: Rigo, Streetwise Mentor

One-drop creatures, shield counters, and a return of the Shadow mechanic? Luka takes us through a Bant deck which draws a ton of cards.

Lowry Muses

The Primeval Titan Conundrum

Lorwy grapples with one of the oldest bans on the Commander ban list, asking the question of if it still needs to be there.