Theros Block Draft Video One

This week Carrie made a Theros block draft video for your enjoyment. Watch it at work!

Don’t Daze Me, Bro!—Dylan Hiester on GP Denver (Part Two)

Our long national nightmare of waiting for the thrilling conclusion of Dylan’s GP Denver (2013) report is finally over.

Collaborating and Conspiring

Shawn shares his experiences drafting Conspiracy with quite the interesting crew of people.

Whispers of a Conspiracy

Jess played in a Conspiracy draft, and you wouldn’t believe the lucky strategy she got to draft!

Card Kingdom

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How to Win at Conspiracy

Want to learn how to Conspire? Zach’s here to show you how it’s done.


Jones travels to Philly with Bones and Clark to eat a sandwich.

A Conspiracy Grows in Brooklyn

This week we traveled to our local game store to see Conspiracy in action. Does the experience live up to the hype?

American Gifts Redux

Zac “Durdle Magus” Clark is upto his old trick once more just in time for Modern PTQ Season.

Again and Again

Tony returns from traveling and confronts the demons of jet lag, sleepiness, and forgetting how to draft a real deck.

Journey Into Nyx Deck Pics

Hunter finally goes deep on Journey Into Nyx, drafting a bunch of fun brews on Magic Online.

Week Two

It was a rough week for Modern Hero as three Birthing Pod decks highlighted the challenges of the deck’s sideboard. Come read about our first sub-.500 week.