Hello again, Magic friends! Remember me? I’m Giaco, and I started The Scrub Report two years ago with the plan to document my struggles as a new player in this complicated game. After I graduated (aka after I got to a point where I wasn’t losing quite so horribly), the wonderfully talented Tony Mei took over. And now that he’s graduated Hipsters is looking for new scrubs!

Are you new to the game? Do you know any new Magic players? We’re looking for new players to spend a month with us telling their stories. Each new player we work with will write four articles about their journey in Magic: The Gathering. Whether it be four articles about your progress, four tournament reports, four practice sessions, it all works! We’re interested in the journey of the new player on Scrub Report.

So if you want to write for Hipsters of the Coast send a letter of interest (and writing samples if you’ve got them!) to: [email protected]

Stay Scrubby!

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