We don’t know a ton about Ultimate Masters so far. But we have seen a huge chunk of rare and mythic rare reprints revealed through the box topper promotion. The set has a huge price tag, but at least it includes some incredible reprints.

White and blue cards didn’t get much attention in the box topper promotion. Presumably there will be some other cards in the mix, but this top eight is based on the cards spoiled so far. Let’s get to it!

#8—Snapcaster Mage

Yawn. Snapcaster Mage got a much-needed reprint in Modern Masters 2017, so this isn’t too excited. But we can never have enough copies of this powerhouse card. Nobody is complaining if Snapcaster Mage shows up in a pack they crack. If this were a first-time reprint, it would be higher on this list. Still pretty good just for showing up.

#7—Engineered Explosives

Engineered Explosives is one of the premiere sweepers/generic answers in Modern. We got a masterpiece version a couple years ago, but the Fifth Dawn and Modern Masters 2013 versions have been in high demand. If Ultimate Masters has a large print run, the value might drop off here. But versatile and powerful cards like EE will always be worth something.

#6—Liliana of the Veil

Like Snapcaster, Liliana of the Veil feels less like an epic reprint after Modern Masters 2017. Liliana demands respect anyway. One of the best planeswalkers ever printed, she always puts a dent in your wallet when you get the urge to play some sort of Jund deck or whatever. The density of powerful mythic rare reprints in Ultimate Masters is impressive, and Liliana is among the best of the bunch.


Finally! Vengevine gets a reprint, and boy is it needed. Modern Bridgevine decks and other assorted nonsense have been putting up results. Increasing the supply of Venevines should encourage those efforts. Ultimately this is a narrow card, so it probably will stabilize in a value. That’s important, however, even if this is the sort of card that loses value when it gets something else banned, like it did for Survival of the Fittest in Legacy.

#4—Celestial Colonnade

The best creature-land returns to booster packs. Celestial Colonnade is another first-time reprint, and another one in high demand. Azorius control decks have shown life in Modern, and you aren’t playing blue control in Modern without a few copies of the 4/4 flying Tundra. Lands are always popular, always needed, and always welcome additions to your trade binder. Ragine Ravine also gets some return love, as do the other three Worldwake creature-lands. But Colonnade is the big one.

#3—Through the Breach

Yes, we needed more copies of Through the Breach. The invocation version did not do much to increase the short supply from Champions of Kamigawa. Look at that new art, though! Nahiri is bringing Emrakul into your world. That’s bad for you. But it’s a huge upgrade on the old illustration, and I expect this version will be highly sought-after. Get your copies when you can.

#2—Noble Hierarch

Noble Hierarch has been reprinted before, in Modern Masters 2015. There’s no new art. Nothing special about this one. It’s not even mythic. But hoo-boy does the world need more Noble Hierarchs in it. People are excited to see this in Ultimate Masters, and you will be excited to get them too. One drops are the new two drops. This exalted druid is one of the best.

#1—Dark Depths

And then there’s a 20/20 indestructible flier. Dark Depths is not the most heavily-played card in the world, but it has won many games of Magic. Lands has been a formidable archetype in Legacy in recent years, and this card is banned in Modern for good reason. With only the Coldsnap original and a silly From the Vault version existing before now, Dark Depths has been a tough card to acquire. Maybe that’s good—the world doesn’t need more horrors rising from the deep—but this reprint is welcome nonetheless.

What cards did I miss? Are you stoked for more Cavern of Souls in the world? What about Karn Liberated? Bitterblossom? Oh yeah, there’s also a new version of Tarmogoyf. Like I said, Ultimate Masters is packed with great reprints. Let’s hope the rest of the set lives up to the hype.

Carrie O’Hara is Editor-in-Chief of Hipsters of the Coast.

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