The Princess Bride and Evil Dead are coming to Magic: The Gathering in the Secret Lair Spookdrop 2023 on October 2, 2023. Both Secret Lair drops will be made up of existing Magic cards “reskinned” as characters and scenes from the movies.

The Secret Lair Spookydrop 2023 will also feature six other drops: two Doctor Who drops, JungShan lands, Jubilee lands, Creepshow (60’s horror comics), and Artist Series: John Avon. Prices for the drops have not been announced.

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The Princess Bride Secret Lair

Wizards of the Coast continues to use Secret Lair drops to add popular third-party IPs to Magic as a part of the Universes Beyond product line. The Princess Bride is sure to be one of the most popular additions, given the overlap between the fanbases of Magic and the film.

The Princess Bride Secret Lair drop will contain nine cards, all of which are characters and scenes from The Princess Bride overlaid on existing Magic cards.

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Evil Dead Secret Lair

While The Princess Bride might not fit the “spooky” theme of this Super Drop, Evil Dead certainly does!

The Evil Dead Secret Lair drop will contain five cards featuring Evil Dead characters and scenes overlaid on top of existing Magic cards, plus a Zombie token.

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Doctor Who: Weeping Angels and Doctor Who: Dalek Lands

We knew that the four Doctor Who Commander decks were going to be accompanied by two Secret Lairs, but we didn’t know what those Secret Lairs would be—until today!

Doctor Who: Weeping Angels will contain five popular Angels featuring art depicting the powerful Weeping Angels from the Doctor Who series.

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Doctor Who: Dalek Lands will feature the Kaladesh fast lands with art featuring menacing Daleks in the frame.

Creepshow Secret Lair

Creepshow was a horror film by George Romero and Stephen King that was heavily influenced by 50s horror comics.

The Creepshow Secret Lair drop takes the horror comics homage quite literally and applies it to five double-faced cards, with the front representing the comic book cover and the back representing the first page of the comic. Transforming the card is like opening a comic book:

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Meditation on Nature Secret Lair (Lands by JungShan)

JungShan returns to Secret Lair with another drop feature Sumi-e brushwork! This time, JungShan takes the inky style and applies it to landscapes for full-art basic lands.

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Previously JungShan had illustrated the Kamigawa Ink Secret Lair drop.

PixelLands02.JPG Secret Lair (Lands by Jubilee)

Jubilee follows up on their PixelSnowLands.jpg Secret Lair drop with more pixel art, this time for normal basic lands!

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Artist Series: John Avon

Hipsters of the Coast had the privilege of previewing the Artist Series: John Avon Secret Lair drop last week. Check out that article for the story behind the art of Avon’s handpicked cards!

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