Donny Caltrider

Senior Writer


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Wilds of Eldraine Grand Art Tour

Wilds of Eldraine features some amazing artwork. Donny dives deep into the set to find some of the best.


Christopher Rush Black Lotus Alter Hits Auction Block at LotusCon 2023

A similar alter sold for $10,625 at Heritage Auction earlier this year in March 2023. 

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Sketch Card Showcase: Perna Studios Classic Mythology IV

Donny takes a look at the thrilling space of mythological sketches from Perna Studios.

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Angels: They’re Just Like Us but Cooler and with Wings

Angels, reprints, and a newcomer in paper. Donny takes a detailed look into the art of the newest Secret Lair Commander deck.

Card Kingdom

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There and Back Again: Things I Learned at MagicCon Barcelona

Donny travels to Barcelona for Magic art, sights, and the chance to connect with others from far and wide.

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Masterworks of Commander Masters

It’s a tall order, but Donny has examined the set and is here with the standout art pieces of Commander Masters.

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Marvel Unbound 2022, Cards 77-84

Fan favorites returning, a deep cut villain, and more. Donny looks at the most recent installment of Marvel’s popular trading card series.

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Arcane Signet: A Visual History

Donny looks back at the genesis of the Commander staple, and how the design has changed over the years.

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Secret Layers: Summer Superdrop 2023

Skeletons, goblins, heavy metal, and more. Donny brings us a roundup on the most recent Secret Lair Superdrop.

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Exploring the 2020 Marvel Masterpieces—Sketch Card Showcase #6

Donny wraps up a prolific era of chasing and collecting 2020 Marvel Masterpieces sketch cards. The final pickups, and where to from here.

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Tales of Middle-earth Grand Art Tour

Donny takes us there and back again, through some emblematic pieces which line the road in Tales of Middle-earth.