Donny Caltrider

Senior Writer


Art Market Minute

Art for 5 Planetary Basic Lands from Unfinity Sell for a Combined $56,000

The cycle of basic lands from Adam Paquette are the latest full-art Un-set basics.

Masterpiece Theater

Marvel Masterpieces Parallels: Thor and Hulk

The two disparate superheroes compare notes on their most epic poses.

Art Market Minute

“Afterpaintings” of Sorin the Mirthless by Martina Fackova and Justyna Gil Sell for a Combined $16,300

New traditional works painted after or in addition to the digital artwork on the card.

Masterpiece Theater

Sketch Card Showcase—Perna Studios

Meet the denizens of Hallowe’en 4: Ladies Night, the latest collectible sketch card set from Perna Studios.

Card Kingdom

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Mirror Gallery

Secret Layers: Secretversary 2021

Another Secret Lair Superdrop means another exploration of the secret layers beneath!

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Critic’s Choice—Reviewing the 2021 Chesley Awards Nominations

Donny picks his favorite fantasy illustrations from the 2021 Chesley Awards nominees.

Masterpiece Theater

Marvel Unbound Quarterly Report, Volume 2

Check out the new series of ePack Marvel illustrations from artists fred.ian!

Art Market Minute

Paintings for Runo Stromkirk Sell for $14,000

The artist auctioned off paintings for both the front and back side of the legendary double-faced card.

Mirror Gallery

Grand Art Tour: Crimson Vow

Join us for another grand tour of the remarkable art from Innistrad: Crimson Vow.

Art Market Minute

Art for Kaya, Geist Hunter by Ryan Pancoast sells for $11,100

The planeswalker is featured in Magic’s newest set, Innistrad: Crimson Vow.

Art Market Minute

Seven Paintings from Magic’s Earliest Sets Sell for Nearly $200k Combined

The pieces auctioned off were: Benalish Hero, Giant Growth, Island Sanctuary, Craw Giant, Morale, Truce, and Coastal Piracy.