But no, not really. Phasing like Reality Ripple. Phasing means I come back. But for now, it’s Phasing Out.

This has been coming for about a month, now. But I had a hard time admitting it. Since I changed jobs, work has been awesome. The kind of work where you don’t check your phone during the day, except on lunch. Because you can’t, but also because you don’t  have to. Because it’s stimulating and exciting to be there. And because of these things I have very little time to think about Magic, like, at all. It’s felt very abrupt, and in the best way. Except for my commitment to writing for all of you. And writing for myself.

I didn’t want to give up, throw in the towel. After all, I feel like i’ve found a little bit about my voice and my perspective on Magic and how I want to develop that. So I can’t just walk away, but I do have to change how I approach my time investment to Magic. I can’t just think about and play Magic all the time anymore. The new job has taken that part of the brain over. And if I can’t think about it all the time, then I certainly can’t keep up with a weekly contribution to Magic in the way I would need to in order to believe i’m doing your eyes and mind justice.

So, I will gain phasing. With my new ability, I will be present whenever I am in play, but will not always be in play. I will phase in and out, of Magic, and of Hipsters. You’ll see me, just not as often. But when you do see me, i’ll be checking in with something great: a tournament report, the next sets cut-ups, and other explorations that I find worthwhile for a good read. As it turns out, gaining phasing when you already come with solid enter the battlefield abilities makes for solid value.

So, thanks for reading this far. I will be traveling to Berlin this month for vacation and hope to play a little magic while there, and then off to Las Vegas next month for work for, well, perhaps an entire month long stint. Expect some reporting on both excursions.

Until then.

Derek Gallen lives and writes in Brooklyn, New York.

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