After 11 weeks of high-level Vintage Magic, Andreas Petersen defeated Rachel Agnes in the finals to become the champion of Season 9 of Vintage Super League. Petersen is the captain of Team Snapcardster and was the runner up in Season 8.

Petersen and Agnes played a best-of-five matches—with a twist. Each player brought three decks and were be required to play each deck at least once. Then, if a fourth or fifth match was necessary, the players would have the option of which deck to play.

After dropping the first match, Petersen rattled of three straight victories to come out on top. It has been a wild ride this season with a lot of upsets and interesting decks, mostly thanks to Lavinia, Azorious Renegade becoming legal during the third week. Agnes made an amazing run with some great plays to make it to the finals and I can’t wait to see her again in future seasons!


So how did Petersen win the finals?

Match 1
Rachel Agness (BUG Leovold) defeats Andreas Petersen (Eldrazi and Taxes) (2-1)

Match 2
Andreas Petersen (4-Color Humans) defeats Rachel Agness (UW Control) (2-1)

Match 3
Andreas Petersen (Syvan Outcome) defeats Rachel Agness (UR Pyromancer) (2-1)

Match 4 (Rematch)
Andreas Petersen (Eldrazi and Taxes) defeats Rachel Agness (BUG Leovold) (2-1)

This was our last week of VSL this season. Stay tuned for any news about the next season!

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