Season 9 of the Vintage Super League continues next Tuesday at 9 PM Eastern (GMT -5). We’re running a series of articles to celebrate, like our intro to VSL Season 9 and our rundowns of the Top 5 Decks in Vintage and the Top 10 Cards in Vintage

The quarterfinals of the Vintage Super League’s ninth season are in the bag. After coming just shy in the finals last season, Andreas Petersen is still running hot and booked his place in the finals by only dropping one game in two matches. Rachel Agnes will face Peterson in the finals after winning a decisive third match over Rich Shay, while Randy Buehler came up short, as well.


So, how did the semifinals for the players?

Set 1
Match 1: Andreas Petersen (Sylvan Outcome) defeats Randy Buehler (Jeskai Xerox) 2-0
Match 2: Andreas Petersen (Dredge) defeats Randy Buehler (Paradoxical Outcome) 2-1

Set 2
Match 1: Rachel Agnes (UR Pyromancer) defeats Rich Shay (Ravager Shops) 2-1
Match 2: Rich Shay (UR Xerox) defeats Rachel Agnes (Seeking Spells) 2-1
Match 3: Rachel Agnes (UR Pyromancer) defeats Rich Shay (UR Xerox) 2-0

Next week, the finals of Vintage Super League, Season 9 will feature Rachel Agnes and Andreas Petersen playing best three out of five matches with at least three different decks each. Get ready for some intense Vintage in the final episode VSL of the season!

Playoffs schedule

Semifinals (3/26)

Rachel Agnes
Andreas Petersen

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