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Vintage Super League

Vintage Super League Season 9, Week 1 Recap

Three players put themselves in good position to advance to the playoffs, while one player was eliminated.

Vintage Super League

Vintage Super League Season 9, Week 1 Decklists

Now that’s a spicy meatball.

Vintage Super League

Talking Vintage with Rich Shay

Are you ready for Vintage Super League Season 9? Aaron talks to Rich Shay about the state of Vintage before the season debut tonight!

Vintage Super League

Top 10 Cards in Vintage

Blue cards and busted artifacts, what a surprise.

Card Kingdom

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Vintage Super League

Top 5 Vintage Decks

These are the Top 5 decks in Vintage, which you can expect to see in action when Vintage Super League Season 9 debuts next week!

Vintage Super League

Introducing Vintage Super League Season 9!

Season 9 of Vintage Super League starts on January 15, and we will be reporting!

Eternal Durdles

A Montasy Meet-Up

Nate and Zac met up at Montasy for a local this week! Nate narrowly misses the top 4 at Paragon City and Zac talks up some pet projects.

Eternal Durdles

On the Scene at Eternal Weekend

Nathan checks in from Pittsburg Sunday night in the aftermath of Eternal Weekend. Zac and Phil listen in awe.

Eternal Durdles

Eric Vergo on Eternal Weekend

Nathan and Zac welcome back Eric Vergo to talk about Eternal Weekend, what the meta looks like and how insane Paradoxical Outcome is.

Hope Eternal

Reserved List—The Facts

Kate lays out the facts surrounding the Reserve List

Hope Eternal

Buyout Blues

Kate laments the recent spate of eternal staple buyouts, and she asks again why we still need the reserved list.