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As we get ready to study the spellbooks at Strixhaven University (releasing Friday, April 23rd, 2021) let’s first take a look at some of the greatest sorcerers from Magic’s history, the heros. Appearing far earlier than the first Planeswalker cards from the expansion Lorwyn, here walks a family man full of wisdom. It’s a rare opportunity to sit down with a master of time and receive his ageless insight: meet Teferi.

planes·walk·er noun. planeswalker(s) In fantasy, a wizard who may travel across the multiverse to different planes of existence with ease.

ZBEXX: Thank you for taking the time to meet with me today. I’ve been looking forward to getting to know better; I have so many questions!

TEFERI:  Greetings, Zenaide of Hipsters of the Coast! Thank you so much for interviewing me! I’m truly honored. This is just the second interview I’ve ever given, you know.

The first was with Wizards of the Coast! It’s available HERE. I think they “filmed” my portion of it. Not really sure what that means, though! Time will tell…

Oh! and I must say, this Coast in both your organizations names is quite lovely. I understand why Wizards and Hipsters frequent it. Ahhmmm, what exactly is a “hipster”, by the way?

ZBEXX: A hipster is often defined as one following new or unconventional trends outside of mainstream culture—kind of like when you phased out an entire continent on Dominaria!! Before we get into the questions, where can people on this plane contact you? Which title do you prefer to be addressed as?

TEFERI: For now, feel free to call me Teferi. Please follow me @teferimagic on Twitter, @teferimtg on Instagram, as well as Teferi, Time Mage on Facebook.

ZBEXX: How did you begin casting spells in Magic? What was your first expansion?

TEFERI: Well, I’ve been a mage for over 1,200 years now. My first expansion? I suppose you mean the first foray onto a plane other than Dominaria?? Hmmm that was a long time ago! Innistrad? or Muraganda, perhaps? I can remember studying the fascinating Petroglyphs there.

Photography by Nick Meilleur at

ZBEXX: Wow I forget as a mere double digit-er just how much knowledge and experience you have to share. One thing we love here on ‘Cosplay of the Multiverse’ is learning about clothes, armor and tools aiding you along your adventures. Tell me all about your vestment and staff, did you make them yourself?!

TEFERI: My local custom clothier on this very plane designed my robes, the lovely Katharine Andrews of  Katharine is a custom clothier and a friend I made early on in my travels to your world. After my robes were damaged while traversing planes, I immediately sought her out. She is brilliant! As for my old robes, the Blind Eternities can cause the kind of wear and tear that might fell an Elder Dragon!

Regarding my beloved staff… alas, it too was in need of repair. The incredible Tyler Stuart at was referred to me by Katharine, and he fabricated a staff that exceeded even my wildest expectations! Some of the staff is made of metal. (A bit of etherium, actually.) Other parts are made of even more arcane substances. Tyler is truly an artificer of the first order.

The last and strangely most difficult part to source were the bracers. For months, I sought high and low for the right person to help in this endeavor. Then I remembered the wonderful Hans Luther of Luther Leather. Hans is an absolute delight to work with and his work can be found at Like both of the aforementioned amazing artisans, he can collaborate to create custom work that brings your vision to life!

ZBEXX: Your resourcefulness is something we can all remember, it’s okay to hire out if you can’t make it yourself. Materials sourced elsewhere count as cosplay when you are the one wearing it (just remember to credit your makers in photos you share!). Speaking of walking about in cosplay, tell me about the response you’ve gotten from sharing photos of yourself on social media.

TEFERI: The response to my first foray into this part of the multiverse has been overwhelmingly positive! The love I feel from the cosplay community, the Magic Community and Wizards themselves has been so lovely. I can’t express how much it has meant to me as a lifelong aficionado of the Magic that a company like Wizards of the Coast produces. That said, moments after being lauded by Wizards someone decided to level some ugly racism at me. That was unpleasant but unsurprising, given my brief time on this plane. That experience (among others) merely reinforced my desire to be active as Teferi. The good far, far outweighs the bad.

ZBEXX: We need more heroes like you today, thank you for being here Teferi. Any advice for people wanting to cosplay?

TEFERI: Regardless of what you set your mind to; remember that it often takes hard work, a bit of luck and perseverance. I… have suffered my fair share of… setbacks in my long life but I never allow them to get in the way of what I feel is best. Be encouraged. And also remember to be as kind as you are relentless.

ZBEXX: Wow!! Wise words indeed. I wish I could bend time like you but I’m afraid for today we are running out of it. Anything last thoughts to share with the readers?

TEFERI: Well, there is a doppelganger of me on this plane. The resemblance is striking! I’m thinking of using Spark Double on them.

Maybe that way, I can come closer to phasing back my homeland, Zhalfir. But that’s a tale best told another Time…

I’m honored to have had the opportunity to interview the planeswalker Teferi and share some of his insights into his ensemble. There’s more than resources to take away, the underlying lesson to be kind to those sharing their passions. 

I’ve been very passionate about the Strixhaven Colleges and their dual-color themes and look forward to reviewing some of the community entries of #strixhavenspiritweek. Follow the tag now to see your fellow MTG players representing their schools. 

Zenaide “ZBexx” Beckham is an Oregon-based cosplayer, gamer, and MTG judge. Her favorite format is Legacy, because just like performing in dance or cosplay she gets to Show and Tell.

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