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Hope Eternal

Hope Eternal – All Aboard the Hype Train

This week Kate discusses her excitement around some of the new BFZ spoilers.

What We Learned

The Battle for Zendikar Preview Show

This week we return to recap the highlights from the 2015 Magic World Championship

Ensnaring Cambridge

Pucatrade and the Pauper Cube

Shawn tries out Pucatrade and reports back on his experience.

None Shall Pass Bombs


Brendan spent a weekend in Detroit and had about as good a time as one can possibly have there.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Bargaining Table

CREATURE TYPES: On Trading Styles

Stefano breaks down different trading styles and how to work with them, recapping GP Detroit in the process.

What We Learned

A Tale of Two Boxed Sets

Wizards unveiled two boxed sets in the past few weeks and they paint the wide spectrum of audiences that Wizards caters to

None Shall Pass Bombs

Balance and Magic

Brendan reflects on work-life balance as a Magic player.

Bargaining Table

EVOLVING WILDS: Faith and Fetchlands

After a crazy week, Stefano responds to the shocking news about Zendikar fetchlands and fails to find a reason to hold onto them.

What We Learned

Going Further with Premier Play Changes

This week we applaud Wizards for making changes to premier play but implore them to go even further

None Shall Pass Bombs

The Key to Origins Draft

Brendan declares the fundamental rule of Magic Origins draft.

Ensnaring Cambridge

The 2015 Wolfpack Invitational 2.0

Shawn shares pictures and stories from the second ever Wolfpack Invitational.