The Modern Age

Modern Deck Guide: Sultai Infect

Jeff Jao piloted Sultai Infect to the Top 4 of the Modern main event in Las Vegas; he shares his insights about the deck and sideboarding.

Welcome to Modern, Shardless Agent!

Let’s look at some of the new toys we now have in Modern thanks to Modern Horizons 2.

Previews 2 Modern 2 Horizons

Cards named after mechanics and legendary creatures born from flavor text!

Modern Horizons 2 Nostalgia Trip

Modern gets eternalized.

Card Kingdom

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Modern’s Not-So-Magnificent Seven

Have some fun in Modern this weekend with these forgotten gems.

Brewing Persistent Mill in Modern

The Mill Deck got a crazy new card. Ryan goes deep to find an edge in Modern.

Problems with Delve

Now that Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Bloodbraid Elf have been unleashed on the Modern metagame, what does that mean for the delve mechanic?

Modern Stirrings

Carrie breaks down the potential bans for Modern in the wake of Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan. Only one card has a big target on its back, but you never know what R&D will ban.

Missing Modern Stars

Carrie looks at a few powerful Modern cards that don’t see much play.

To Affinity and Beyond

Carrie came up short in the online RPTQ with Affinity.

The Keyser Soze Twist

Carrie reflects on fallen heroes in a year of brutal real-life plot twists.