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Abandon All Thieves

Friend of Hipsters Rob Ceretti on drafting the B/W Spirits deck in Modern Masters 2015. Get ready for Grand Prix Las Vegas Day Two!

None Shall Pass Bombs

Master Pack Cracker

Carrie earns her masters in pack cracking with a great and valuable Modern Masters 2015 draft.

Drawing Live

MMA2015 First Impressions

Zach’s here with three Modern Masters 2015 draft decks, each a different archetype, to break down.

From the Sideboard

Hugh’s GP AC Farticle *14th*

Limited master Hugh Kramer recounts his amazing run at Grand Prix Atlantic City, and analyzes what it takes to win with 40-card Dragons of Tarkir decks.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

None Shall Pass Bombs

One Crucial Decision

Carrie examines how to give a game away, one decision at a time.

Drawing Live

Principles of Limited Design: Colorless Cube Fixing

Welcome to (hopefully) a series of articles dedicated to what makes for good Limited design.

Power and Toughness

Sorcery Speed

Matt practices DTK for the first time as he’s rejoined TDL as a mid-season sub.


Never Say Concede at GP Atlantic City

Though things didn’t go quite how he wanted at last weekend’s Grand Prix, Hunter still felt like he made some deckbuilding strides.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Garbage State

Carrie had a garbage pool at Grand Prix Atlantic City, but the reasons why tell a lot about sealed as a format.

Drawing Live

Will Modern Masters 2015 Limited Suck?

Modern Masters 2015 has been spoiled! Will it be an awful Limited format? Zach believes so, and here’s why.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Dragons Sealed Primer

Carrie provides a primer on Dragons of Tarkir sealed before Grand Prix Atlantic City.