Webb and David “McNastyLULZ” McCoy asked me to join their TDL team as a mid-season sub. Their teammate, James, was off to California for the summer and unable to play. I like Webb a lot. McNastyLULZ is one of my favorite people. It was an easy yes.

Just like that I’m back playing Magic. I put together four drafts to familiarize myself with the Dragons of Tarkir Limited format so I wasn’t an auto-win for all of my opponents. I went 6-4 over the weekend. Most of my decks were ok. One was spectacular. There were several lopsided matches and maybe a couple actual good games. Mana screw and flood played their usual debilitating roles. I had a blast playing with Kadar, Forker, Jon, Hunter, David, Dom, S’Morse, and Hugh “Better than All” Kramer. They are excellent Magical friends.

One moment stood out from the weekend. No, it wasn’t when I had Dragonlord Silumgar and Dragonlord Ojutai in play simultanously against Dom. It was in a game against Jon. See, he’d just chided me for casting Bathe in Dragonfire, a sorcery speed removal spell, on his turn. A few turns later he tried to cast Roast, a sorcery speed removal spell, on my turn. The other drafters offered some good natured jabs at Jon’s mistake. Jon felt horrible, got up from the table, and disappeared. I found him moments later laying face down on the floor of the studio hallway, playing a very sad song. As a journalist I thought it was my job to record the experience and share it with you.

As an artist it was my duty to paint a watercolor from a still of the video.


Remember to play your sorcery speed spells at the appropriate time, dear readers.

Matt Jones (born 1980, Rochester, New York) is an artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. He’s recently come back to the game because, let’s be honest, no one stays away forever.

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