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Hipsters Presents

Here’s How I Handled Magic: The Gathering Burnout

Luka shares their advice on keeping Magic fresh and recovering from burnout.

Drawing Live

Running on Empty

Burnout can come for us all. The trick is figuring out where it’s come from, why, and what to do about it.

Commander Academy

What to Do About Having Too Many Decks

Try this before tearing down your least-played Commander deck.

Drawing Live

Is Professional Magic still a Game?

Can Magic become a job? If so, are you still playing it? Can something be work and a game? And how can you use this to avoid burnout? It’s time for some soul-searching in this edition of Drawing Live.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Ensnaring Cambridge

The Puppy Who Lost His Way

Guest writer Eric Massak discusses Magic fatigue and how it relates to the only good Adam Sandler film.


The Harder They Come

Hunter confronts a mild case of burnout ahead of Grand Prix Montreal this weekend.


Stay Here (on Theros) as Long as You Can!

Hunter cherishes the current Limited format by drafting two archetypes he’s less familiar with: GW Heroic and UR Scry.