Scrub Report

The Scrub Report—Homebrew Blues

This week our rotating Scrub Reporter Ashlee Rubinstein talks about the horrors of homebrews.

The Scrub Report—Intro to Deck Building

Hipsters of the Coast is happy to welcome Ashlee Rubinstein, our newest Scrub. In her first article she recounts the troubles of building a deck!

The Scrub Report—Come Write About Scrubbing

Are you new to Magic? Do you know someone new to Magic? Come write for Scrub Report!

Scrubbing Off Part 3

Hipsters’ newest scrub, Garrett Gardner, talks about the pitfalls of tensing up and playing in a store championship!

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Scrubbing Off Part 2

Hipsters’ newest scrub, Garrett Gardner, continues the tale of his Grand Prix Baltimore run!

Scrubbing Off the Scrub Part 1

Hipsters is super excited to announce our first writer in the new, rotating Scrub Report: Garrett Gardner!

The Scrub Report—The Search for New Scrubs

Do you know new Magic players? Are you new to the game? We’re looking for new players to spend a month with us telling their stories.


Tony signs off on his year of Scrub Report by asking friends some uncomfortable questions about their favorite Magic cards.

On Surviving MTGO

MTGO crashes got you down? On the verge of shaving your head and running into traffic? Tony has some tips for coping with everyone’s favorite online client.

A Few Closing Remarks from Zurgo Helmsmasher

Zurgo gets the team together for a departmental meeting.

8 Variations on the Theme of Magic

What if your friend’s misconceptions about Magic came true?