None Shall Pass Bombs

Make Mine a Double

Welcome back! If you like sweet draft decks, then this Modern Masters one is for you.

The Scrub Report—MODERN?

That’s the big, glaring question for me this week. Do I dive into Modern, or do I just stay in the Standard pool?

The Scrub Report—Playing Against Type

If you’ve been following my articles at all, you should know that I’m not really at the point in my […]

The Scrub Report—These Cards Can Get You Down

My first serious interest in Magic coincided with the start of my new job at my local gaming shop. I […]

Card Kingdom

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The Scrub Report—Stack Testing

I’ve spent the past week vacationing in the mountains, and during rainy days and down time we’ve playtested The Stack.

The Scrub Report—Stacks on Stacks on Stacks

While putzing around on the ‘net, searching for “alternate MTG formats,” I stumbled upon the idea of The Stack.

The Scrub Report—In Which I Do Not Play Magic Because I Just Got a Kitten

I tried to teach my new baby kitten, named Sneakers, how to play Magic this weekend. It didn’t work out great.

The Scrub Report—I Love Land (Best of M14)

I played in the M14 pre-release this weekend. I went 0-4. That’s, I believe, a new low for me in […]

The Scrub Report—A Port in the Storm

With Return to Ravnica block coming to an end, I’m faced with my first core set. And all I can think is, oh, thank Theros!

The Scrub Report—Those Little Slices of Death

“Sleep, those little slices of death — how I loathe them.” ― Edgar Allan Poe

The Scrub Report—Scrubby’s Big Adventure

This past weekend was a crazy torrent of Magic: The Gathering, travel, gambling, and food.