The Twenty Sided Metagame for May 31

This week’s State of the Meta finds that Control seems to be making a comeback.

We Meet Again, Baltimore

The Baltimore Convention Center and I have a little history, none of it good—so I was looking for a little redemption last weekend at the SCG Open.

RTR Block Combat Tricks

Prepare for GP Providence with this handy list of all the instants, bloodrush, and flash creatures of Return to Ravnica block.

When Nature Calls

There was a time when playing anything higher than four mana was tantamount to suicide in Modern. But with recent shifts in the Modern metagame, Li Xu has discovered that Scapeshift (featuring Primeval Titan) is extremely well-positioned.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Modern Masters and Pauper Cube: Friend or Foe?

A lot of people are psyched about Modern Masters. For the most part I am not one of those people. […]

Modern Masters Limited

With the imminent release of Modern Masters, Zach Barash takes a look at the available limited archetypes and examines it’s similarities to Innistrad, his favorite limited set.

Taking It Easy Before GP Providence

As GP Providence approaches, Matt Jones is going light on Magic to avoid burnout.

Modern Masters EV (June 3)

Modern Masters will be released this Friday—and it is slated to have more value in it than any set before.

The Scrub Report—The Comeback Scrub

Our valiant Scrub, Giaco Furino, has spent the last three weeks building his first Standard deck. See how his brew performed and what changes he is considering!

The Twenty Sided Metagame for May 24

Some weeks the meta seems to be all Reanimator, others all control, and occasionally it’s super aggro.

Cracking the Team Sealed Code

Team sealed is no easy nut to crack. But over the past two weeks, my team has been meeting up to practice.