Command of Etiquette―What’s Old Is New Again

Jess talks Commander 2014 spoilers, and she is PUMPED UP!

Cruise or Lo… Er, #GPNash Prep

Matt misses Eternal Weekend and silver lining’s his team into a very valuable Grand Prix Nashville Team Sealed practice.

Underground Dojo Keyboard Cagefighters

This week we take a look at the way the community feels about cheating and also recap Eternal Weekend 2014

Cruise or Lose

Treasure Cruise has had a giant impact on Legacy. Completely changing key cards in decks to make them more cruise […]

Card Kingdom

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Tony signs off on his year of Scrub Report by asking friends some uncomfortable questions about their favorite Magic cards.

It Was a Very Tough Build

Hunter trekked to what might be his final old-style PTQ last weekend, and was faced with some tough power vs. consistency deckbuilding decisions.

The Art of the Assist

Is Magic really a team game? GCB explains what an ‘assist’ means in the competitive Magic world.

Khans Debate Society

Carrie looks at the divergent opinions on how to draft Khans of Tarkir.

Combatting Jeskai Ascendancy Combo

Many players don’t have any idea how to fight Standard’s newest combo deck. Duncan Martin tells you what the deck does, and how to beat it.

All the Verdant Catacombs

Derek is obsessed with Black and Green, and looks to play Golgari in every format!

Sometimes, It’s Not Bad Luck

Bad luck can often be blamed when in fact poor strategy is at fault. Zach explains, using The Resistance: Avalon!