Melira Pod Primer Update

Rob Pompa returns to give his updated take on Melira Pod, heading into Modern season!

PTQ on Ice

Carrie tries to stay cool on the ice during the final PTQs of the limited season.

How Has Magic: The Gathering Influenced Your Life?

Ever stop to think about how Magic has changed your life? Well you are not alone.

Sell My Old Cards, I’m Off to Heaven

Shawn is selling his Legacy deck even though he thinks it’s a bad idea financially. Read on to find out why.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

PTQ Doubleheader *Top 8*

In which prodigal Hipster Hugh top 8’s one of a pair of PTQs at the fabulous West Nyack mall.

Quick Beats

Sometimes, you just get crushed. Always, you’ve something to learn.

Changing Up The Poor Old Cube

Jess goes over the changes she made to her pauper cube in the wake of Journey Into Nyx.

Grand Prix Byes

This week Wizards announced a new system for determining Grand Prix Byes. We’ll take a look at the changes and what they mean for players looking to enjoy the Grand Prix circuit.

The Demonologist (Potpourri)

Matt runs through his week in Magic, takes in a PTQ, loses at TDL, and thinks about Satan.

Towel Throwing

Zac looks to the next season of PTQs with some trepidation in choosing a new deck.

Under Pressure

Tim recaps his Standard and Legacy Opens in New Jersey.