Drawing Live

So Long, Legendary Cube

Legendary Cube was here and gone in a flash. Why? Was it doomed to failure or the victim of some unfortunate circumstances a bugs? The discussion starts here!

Visions of the Meek

In case you didn’t know, there was some pretty big bannings and unbannings yesterday. Here’s the lowdown and a new Modern Jeskai control deck!

Black Removal in Shadows

Shadows Over Innistrad prerelease is right around the corner. Black looks to have some of the best common removal it’s had in years! Zach breaks it down.

What Makes a Good Limited Format?

With Shadows Over Innistrad and a brand new Limited just around the corner, let’s ask: what makes for a great Limited environment?

Card Kingdom

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Game Design

Zach’s off in San Francisco for Game Developers Conference. He’s following his dream and encourages you all to do the same.

Design of a Card: Aberrant Researcher

Delver of Secrets has grown up into an even more horrific insect. Here’s why Aberrant Researcher is a fabulously designed Magic card.

Megamorph, No More!

Megamorph is the worst regarded mechanic of all time. Why? We know, furthermore, this can be a good thing!

Lame Duck Modern

SCG Louisville is over and the Eldrazi remain dominant. Is this truly a lame-deck Modern format until a ban, or is there a chance the Eldrazi are here to stay?

An Eternal Future

Eternal Masters is coming this summer! What does this mean for card prices, Legacy, Modern, and Conspiracy? We have the lowdown for you.

Multiple Mana Lands

Eldrazi Temple and Eye of Ugin tap for multiple mana. Zach’s here with an analysis of EVERY LAND that does. How do the Temple and Eye match up?

Design of a Card: Tar Snare

In the wake of this weekend’s PPTQ, a discussion emerged: just how good is Tar Snare? We’ve got the exhaustive scoop on it just for you.