Cosplay of the Multiverse

Nylea’s Presence: Crafting a Cosplay Helm for the Gods

Take your place in the Pantheon with this Thermoplastic Project.

Cosplay of the Multiverse: The Faces of Jace

Zenaide shines light on the faces of male Magic cosplayers and their craft.

Going Full Golgari with TarmoKat

Regenerate your cosplay with some Golgari Charm.

Forge Amazing Armor with Kensadi

Kenadi creates armor to cosplay Edgar Markov and Erebos.

Card Kingdom

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Cosplay From Home

Travel across the multiverse from your bedroom.

Starting Fires with Chandra

Arielle from Air Bubbles Cosplay shares some secrets!

Hipsters Presents: Cosplay of the Multiverse

Meet the newest member of the team: Zbexx!