Spring is here, but before you start studying up on the new wizarding school themed set Strixhaven, let’s reminisce with our winter wonderland favorites from the snowy plane of Kaldheim. With Spring comes the traditional start of convention season, and even though many of the large ones may not be happening, there’s always memorable characters one can find to cosplay! Let’s take a look at the Top 5 Cards you could cosplay from Kaldheim.

It should be noted none of the cards below are planeswalkers (those are title characters and are definitely cosplayable). I also provide a loose difficulty system to gauge how easy it will be to build your costume. But remember: you may omit elements to decrease difficulty or add your own flair, which would likely increase difficulty. I want to highlight cards you may have gotten to play with (or against) over the past couple months—cards which won’t fade from your memory anytime soon. Sorry Tibalt, Kaya, Niko, and Tyvar, you already have your spark: let’s unbind the old gods!

#5—Sigrid, God-Favored

Difficulty: Medium-Hard

Look at those lovely red Nordic locks! Not only is this character beautiful, but Sigrid also portrays such strength suiting her “protection from Gods” ability. Standout pieces which might be able to be purchased or sewn include: the long flowing gold cape, the small white fur shoulder cape, and a blue-purple tunic/jumpsuit with yellow trim on the sleeves and hood.

if you are really fancy, you can make an authentic silver breastplate, but note the weight of wearing metal a full day may be more taxing than Thalia & Rishadan Port combined. As an alternative, foam is lightweight and can be made to look like metal with paint and weathering techniques. Since only part of the greaves (leg armor) are visible, there is room for artistic creativity or beginner simplicity. As a final touch, you can accessorize with a broadsword (strapped to her back in the art) or a staff.

#4—Toralf, God of Fury

Difficulty: Easy-Medium

Toralf parallels Thor as an exciting male character oozing the power of lightning from his hammer. One awesome effect would be to fix up a hammer with led lights, which could be a simple battery powered LED purchase or a more advanced soldering and coding experience. Notably he also carries a round horn on his hip that could be 3D printed, shaped with thermoplastic, or possibly purchased.

For his clothing, most elements could be very simple: a thick sash across the chest diagonally, a large belt or leather underbust, and a skirt or fabric wrapped around the waist. And the final touch to bring this custom to life? Blue body paint to accent the glowing runes on his shoulder to match the vibrant hammer. Now that’s what I call igniting a god’s spark!

Note: If you want a more classic Viking vibe, less electric, then check out the detail of his leather pauldron in Shackles of Treachery.

#3—Birgi, God of Storytelling

Difficulty: Easy

Might I boast about how easy Birgi can be to cosplay? Okay, I’ll brag more: this would be a fun beginner cosplay! Start with the base garments you would need: a white collared V neck top, this could be a tank top, a long sleeve button up, a jumpsuit, a lot can be left to interpretation based on where her hands block her midsection.

Another key to her look is the brown leather gauntlets. Real leather can be expensive and doesn’t breathe as easily (as it’s meant to be sturdy for combat) so for cosplay consider an alternative faux leather or just brown fabric. You can also find inexpensive gauntlets in this medieval style readily available for purchase online.

To complete her look you should don a dark red cape with fluffy brown fur detail attached across the back of the shoulders. A little sewing for large pieces of fabric can go a long way and is a fabulous first sewing project, as opposed to more complicated garments requires sleeves and curves of the body. A cape is basically one big rectangle; you can do this!

#2—Jorn, God of Winter

Difficulty: Medium-Hard

Silver Fox? Try Silver-Haired Snow God. The pose Jorn gives us oozes confidence—the same vibe I think you will feel if you cosplay this character. The art design is similar to Sigrid, where a lot of elements and garment details could get very elaborate.

I would put the most effort into producing his fur-backed pauldron (shoulder armor). The weaving pattern on top of the pauldron could be achieved with paint alone; to add depth, foam or thermoplastic bevels layered would create the Norse, winding pattern. His shirt hangs below his waistline, excess fabric cradled between his legs; it has a lot of sewing intricacies that could be included or omitted. He has a long belt looped in a knot across his midsection as well as a light blue sash (which may or may not be part of the shirt).

If you really go down to the details, the pants have thick leather braiding or accents to accompany his mukluks (snow shoes). Bonus points for your Jorn cosplay if you bring along a white, furry, ferret friend.

#1—Tergrid, God of Fright

Difficulty: Easy-Medium

Tergrid fought her own shadow at the age of four, so put any doubts you have aside at your current age and cosplay her already! Her lantern feels like a must have prop—think LED lights contained in a jar, a plastic container, or a clear thermoplastic decorated with paint or foam clay to give the unique black grasps around the light of her shadow.

Her clothing is fairly simple: a white cape lined purple-red underneath, alongside a matching white apron. Her top, a black vest or harness with vertical black braided details on each side of her chest, hides any other garments she might be wearing. Her arms might be covered in a simple black sleeve as the pack art shows, or a more detailed wrapped ¾ sleeve visible on the Showcase art. She also carries a broad sword.  Finish the look with a red wig and braids and fear will become your one true companion.

Plus, If you cosplay her showcase art, that version wears a face covering for COVID-friendly cosplay!

Tergrid is one of the most talked-about commanders I encounter in conversation frequently landing her #1 in my Top 5 cards to cosplay from Kaldheim. But many of the legendary creatures from Kaldheim, even beyond today’s list, would be excellent choices to cosplay. Will you look at these cards differently the next time you come across them in your collection or in play?

If you enjoyed this new segment be sure to let me know on social media @ZBexx. With Strixhaven right around the corner, we will have some new cosplay options very soon. I can’t wait to share with you ways to continue to bring our game of MTG to life.

Zenaide “ZBexx” Beckham is an Oregon-based cosplayer, gamer, and MTG judge. Her favorite format is Legacy, because just like performing in dance or cosplay she gets to Show and Tell.

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