Shawn Massak



Ensnaring Cambridge

The 2015 Wolfpack Invitational 2.0

Shawn shares pictures and stories from the second ever Wolfpack Invitational.

Ensnaring Cambridge

Power Cube Rotisserie Draft

Shawn discusses his first ever Rotisserie Draft.

Ensnaring Cambridge

My First Origins Draft

Shawn discusses his first Origins draft and his initial impressions on the format.

Ensnaring Cambridge

Two Prereleases and the Remix to (Chandra’s) Ignition

Shawn has wildly disparate experiences playing 2HG and Sealed at the Origins prerelease.

Card Kingdom

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Ensnaring Cambridge

My Top Five Picks for Magic Origins

Shawn shares his favorite and least favorite cards from Origins in an unorthodox top five format.

Ensnaring Cambridge

Wandering in the Starfield of Nyx

Shawn discusses the possibilities for Starfield of Nyx in Standard and Modern.

Ensnaring Cambridge

Temur Dragons at GP Providence

Shawn threw together a Standard deck with Sarkhan Unbroken and hoped for the best. Read on to find out how he did at GP Providence.

Ensnaring Cambridge

There are Some that Call me…Tim

Shawn discusses a Modern Zur the Enchanter brew with friend and local Magic player, Tim Fay.

Ensnaring Cambridge

Four Things About Two-Headed Giant

Shawn talks about a 2HG event he played in at GP Vegas and offers up some useful tips on the format.

Ensnaring Cambridge

Las Vegas is a Weird Place: A GP Report

Shawn talks convention centers, casinos, and card pools at GP Vegas.

Ensnaring Cambridge

Modern Masters 2015 Practice Sealed

Shawn and his friends try to find the optimal build of a Modern Masters 2015 sealed pool.