Shawn Massak



Ensnaring Cambridge

Burn at the Stake, Week Two

In this week’s column, Shawn discusses questionable sideboarding and offers up his weekly standard tournament report.

Ensnaring Cambridge

Burn at the Stake

Remember when I said I was going to play a sweet Grixis control list this week? Something else caught my eye.

Ensnaring Cambridge

Bant Pillow Fort, Week Two

Bant Pillow Fort is fun for people who enjoy watching their opponents count their lands, realize they can’t attack due to Sphere of Safety, and pass the turn with an audible sigh. Luckily, I am one of those people.

Ensnaring Cambridge

Bant Pillow Fort

The thing that stands out to me about playing Bant Pillow Fort is that Ajani’s Chosen sucks.

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Ensnaring Cambridge

Azorius Midrange, Week Two

While I’m excited to begin my 52-week experiment, there is a downside: This will be my last week playing my beloved Azorius Midrange.

Ensnaring Cambridge

Azorius Midrange

Welcome to Hipsters’ newest columnist, Cambridge Magic player Shawn Massak!