Shawn Massak



Ensnaring Cambridge

Tempest Remastered Draft #1

Shawn gives Tempest Remastered a try and breaks down his picks and matches.

Ensnaring Cambridge

The GPT at Excelsior Comics

Shawn recounts his experience winning a very strange GPT at Excelsior Comics in Maynard, MA.

Ensnaring Cambridge

Vaulting Back to Standard

Shawn talks about a UB Control build to combat the rise of Abzan Megamorphs.

Ensnaring Cambridge

Planeswalking in Tokyo

Shawn took a week long trip to Tokyo. Read about his encounters in Magic shops, cat cafes, and convenience stores.

Card Kingdom

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Ensnaring Cambridge

The Imaginary Magic Hygiene Problem

Shawn discusses a recent string of posts about bad hygiene at Magic tournaments and disputes the notion that this is a real problem.

Ensnaring Cambridge

In Bloom

Shawn talks about finally taking Bloom Titan to the top eight of a Modern event.

Ensnaring Cambridge

The Kolaghan’s Command Deck

Shawn tries to recreate a sweet list he saw last weekend at Modern States featuring Dragons of Tarkir’s Kolaghan’s Command.

Ensnaring Cambridge

Is Skred Red a Real Deck?

How good is Blood Moon right now? Shawn discusses Skred Red and its place in the Modern metagame.

Ensnaring Cambridge

The Importance of Rituals

Shawn discusses Magic tournament rituals and the importance of a playgroup.

Ensnaring Cambridge

Phil Kim & The Power Cube

Shawn finishes up his series on cube with an interview with friend and Boston local, Phil Kim.

Ensnaring Cambridge

Wolfpack Invitational Report **1st**, Part Two

Shawn continues his report on taking down the first ever Wolfpack Invitational, a cube-a-thon for the ages.