Here at HotC, we spent this week recovering from from a massive weekend that included the Twenty Sided Store Modern PTQ AND Grand Prix Charlotte—hereafter known as GP Gigantor.

Our dissection of Saturday’s 20SS PTQ began with Matt Jones’ disappointing run with Kiki Pod, which included a Round One match against the one-and-only Zac Hill. Similarly, Jess Stirba found nothing but frustration when she was forced to play aggro Jund’s worst match up, Tron, three rounds in a row. On a happier note (depending on how you look at it), Li Xu battled his way to a X-1-1 record with U/W, but fell just short of the Top 8 on breakers.

Hunter Slaton documented the adventure that was GP Gigantor is a two-part post, covering both Friday’s grinders and all of Saturday’s actionRich Stein took a look at how Wizards of the Coast can help maintain the explosive growth competitive Magic has seen in the last year or two, while keeping established players involved.

On other topics, Zac Clark broke down his design of “Big Bant Wolf” in response to the post-Pro Tour metagame, while Jess Stirba provided a few potentially underplayed commanders. As usual, Matt Jones went where no one has gone before as he began his analysis of HotC writers’ favorite (and least favorite) card art.

Have an excellent weekend! See you on the other side.

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